About me

I struggle with depression, and also struggle with the fact that it’s seen as a weakness. So many people struggle with it, and don’t tell anyone.

I’m going to have to keep my identity a secret just because I feel that my 100% honest could jeopardise my career. It has in the past, when I thought I could trust my managers, I told them what I was struggling with and it caused things to get extremely uncomfortable.

I’ll give you as much detail about myself that you can relate to me, but not enough to get me into trouble.

  • I was born in 1986
  • Both my parents were drug addicts and I left home at a really young age
  • I’m quite a nerd, but also consider myself quite cool. I like extremely nerdy things, but also sometimes am the life of the party
  • I went to a clinic for depression and anxiety for a month about 8 years ago
  • I really love coffee
  • I’ve been married for a few years and think that it’s been really great considering my major struggle with depression.
  • I’m currently taking loads of medicine for depression and anxiety
  • I love helping people
  • I love reading adventure, dystopian and fantasy novels.
  • I’m pretty clever in that I have no degree behind my name and have been able to strategically work my way into companies that I really enjoy.
    • I think this could be because I’m a really good listener. I think I have a fairly high emotional intelligence and my job requires that I listen to and help people solve their problems. I’m not a counsellor, pastor or any one who has a job that directly relates to counselling. I just use listening and helping out in my job to help my company make money. Read into this whatever you like.. I could be a secret agent.
  • I love these things because they generally lead to me feeling happier:
    • I love watching Youtube fail videos
    • Love watching Modern Family, The Office & Big Bang Theory. I’ve watched each of their complete series to date around 3 times. I love the sense of friendship you can get with the characters.
    • Coffee shops because there’s a feeling of connection with people while being able to spend time being alone.
  • I really don’t like these things:
    • Crab like sea creatures. For some reason this fear is there, I’m guessing its irrational.
    • Spending Friday or Saturday nights alone
    • Being late for meeting up with friends
    • Overly fake people. Ironic seeing that I probably fall into this category.
    • Overly positive people, when their positivity borders the complete insane.
    • I really don’t like Christian motivational speakers or any people generally preaching on cable.
    • I don’t like overly dark music as it really affects me. I like metal, but sometimes darker music just really negatively affects me.

If you guys want to know anything more, comment and I’ll keep adding.


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