I don’t understand my boss. Outwardly they are really happy, they seem to care about all who come into contact with them. Yet, whenever I see them in meetings they are critical beyond being constructive. They constantly ask about why I’m being defensive, yet its all I can do in response to their aggression.

I think some people just enjoy making people below them feel like crap. I would never do that, so it’s difficult to understand why they do it. Because I struggle with co-dependancy I think that one of my goals is wanting everyone to be my friend. Yes, I know thats a problem.

I just struggle when I come into contact with people who are so brazen in their critical attitude of others. While riding home the other day I had a weird thought about this situation. Is it not possible that, like me, they have insecurities too? That for them to feel good about themselves, they need to keep putting other people down? Morally, I think they’re wrong, but in their minds they probably don’t have a problem with it.

Instead of getting them to change, surely I should just deal with my own issues and not allow them to affect me the way that they have been? Instead of allowing them to ruin my evenings and weekends, surely I should just work as hard as is possible and just avoid conflict with them?


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